Non Surgical Facelifts

Non Surgical Facelifts - A New You - Carlow


A non-invasive facial treatment that creates a significant reduction in the depth of expression lines and wrinkles, with better moisture resulting in firmer and smoother skin


Would you like younger smoother firmer skin?

This completely natural non-surgical face lift restores the skin’s smooth radiant complexion, tones the skin, strengthens its natural support and reduces wrinkles and lines. This is done by stimulating the fibroblasts under the skin which in turn leads to re-colleganation giving a more even and uplifting effect to the face.


The face is massaged using movable rollers and heads for the various areas of the face.

A gentle suction action is used to stimulate the deeper layers of the skin reducing wrinkles and lines and has a relaxing and anti-stress effect.


Based on the same principle as endermologie, the treatment stimulates the facial skin and connective tissue, mechanically and naturally. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage around the face and neck area, expelling toxins and reducing fluid retention. It is specifically beneficial to sagging areas under the eyes.

The results speak for themselves. From the very first session, an immediate firming sensation is experienced. In conjunction with a therapist, a treatment programme is drawn up depending on the needs of the individual.


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