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Anti-Wrinkle Injections FAQ- A New You - Carlow


What causes facial lines and wrinkles?

Everybody gets facial lines and wrinkles at some point in their lives. They are caused by the breakdown of the natural collagen support layer of your skin. This layer, which lies just beneath your skin, is affected by external factors such as sun damage and environmental exposure. Internal conditions including the body’s natural aging process also affect this layer.


How does anti-wrinkle treatment work?

The treatment involves natural substances that are injected just beneath the skin surface. It replaces the collagen support layer which has deteriorated. It instantly supports your skin, smoothing wrinkles, most types of scars, correcting skin contour deficiencies and improving facial lines typically found between the eyes, and around the mouth area.


Is anti-wrinkle treatment painful?

No, it isn’t. You may feel an initial sting but only for a moment. The products are injected through extremely fine needles and the area is numbed with a topical anesthetic.


Is it expensive?

For the same cost as a day on a health farm, a few rounds of golf or a night in a favourite hotel, you will look and feel so much better.


How often would I require treatment?

Everyone’s skin is different. That is why the timing of any additional treatment varies from person to person. Our treatments are made from natural, biological materials. They eventually break down and are absorbed by your body. You will need ongoing treatments to maintain the look you want. If you choose not to continue with your treatment, your skin gradually returns to its natural contours.


We work with you to tailor your own programme. That is why it is so important to develop a relationship with someone you trust and feel comfortable. It also makes it easier if you want to drop in for a touch-up!


What can I expect from my treatment?

You can expect immediate results. With just one treatment, you will see a real difference. You will notice a softening of facial lines, wrinkles and scars and the improvement of lines around the mouth area.

We find that many people have anti-wrinkle treatment and return to work or their usual activities that same day. Anti-wrinkle treatment is so easy; you can phone your practitioner and make the changes you want within days.


There may be some local treatment responses and these are perfectly normal. They can include temporary discomfort, discoloration or mild to moderate redness and swelling. Typically these responses are temporary and, if they do occur, will usually disappear way within a couple of days.


How do I get started?

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Simply contact us and make an appointment.

You will be looked after by a highly trained health professional. We will work with you to create a long term relationship so that you can rely on us to provide the look you want.


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